Friends of Locke Park

Some Friends of Locke Park at recent Locke Park events - setting things up, getting things going and finally chilling out.


Friends of Locke Park was formed as a community association in 2002. We have worked since then to improve Locke Park. Friends of Locke Park was registered as an incorporated charity in 2016.

Bids for funds have been made; experts have given their advice and drawn up ambitious plans; everyone has been asked for their views; some bids have been successful and, with money from gifts, donations and fund raising activities, improvements have been brought about.

Although FOLP open Locke Park Tower to the public each month, we are continuing to raise funds to carry out the full restoration of the Tower together with improvements to the park for future generations to experience and to enjoy.

If you would like to join Friends of Locke Park please get in touch or come to one of our meetings.

Email us:

Friends of Locke Park Trustees

David Allen was re-elected as chair, Peter Roberts was elected as secretary and Malcolm Price as treasurer in 2017. They were also confirmed as trustees of Friends of Locke Park. Anne Cherry was also appointed as a trustee at a meeting of Friends of Locke Park in 2017.

Friends of Locke Park (FOLP). The Friends group is made up of volunteers; we are interested in preserving the heritage of Locke Park and in improving the Park and its facilities for everyone.

Members of the Friends group get involved with fund raising, organising activities in Locke Park for children, young people and adults, and undertaking voluntary work here.

Our events include a Classic Car event, Summer Gala and activities for the community at Christmas and Easter.

The Friends meet on the first Tuesday of each month, in the evening from 6 to 8 o’clock, at the Locke Park Café. If you are interested please join us.

What has FOLP done for Locke Park?

Play Area in Locke Park

With grants from the Big Lottery and WREN, children are able to have fun at Locke Park’s £250,000 railway themed play area, opened by FOLP in 2008.

“The play area for the kids is great and the café is a fantastic bonus as you can sit and chill on the benches whilst the kids play”. TripAdviser July 2013.

Formal opening of the Tower by the Mayor Cllr Ken Richardson and David Allen, FOLP Chair.

Opening of Locke Park Tower after decades

Fund raising by FOLP together with Section 106 money enabled FOLP to open up Locke Park Tower in 2013. FOLP open Locke Park Tower for members of the public to visit on the first Sunday afternoon of each month.

Locke Park parkrun and junior parkrun

Money raised by FOLP helped set up the weekly parkrun for adults in 2011 and supported by Public Health set up the junior parkrun in 2014.

And money raised by FOLP brought about

improvements to  lighting, planting, events in Locke Park, …

We asked lots of people what they wanted and a multi-use games area and play and fitness equipment for older children and young people came top of the list.

These are now being well used in Locke Park. The former was funded from section 106 money and the latter from ward alliance funding.

Our volunteers are active three days a week in the park, gardening and cleaning and painting benches and facilities.

As well as organising our popular events, and opening Locke Park Tower each month in 2017, FOLP created a further wildflower area as well as planting daffodils, bluebells and other bulbs. We also installed a defibrillator with a donation and the support of the parkrunners.

We raised money for cleaning the statue of Joseph Locke in 2018 and in 2019 brought the Lion back to the park

We now need further help and funding for:

 # more seating and picnic benches;  # more planting

 # tidying and sprucing up parts of the park

 # further restoration of the Tower, bandstand and other heritage features

 # other things for people to do and enjoy.


Please get in touch if you can help.